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Mobile App Builders: The Food Processors of Your Mobile Kitchen

If you’re a business owner and a smartphone owner, your first question at this stage is going to be, “What’s the best way for me to create a mobile app for my business today? Do I need an app builder, or what?” You’ve already “caught the bug,” so to speak. You know what millions of apps are already doing for millions of businesses like yours. You know the landscape, and you know the potential. You’re already in the “How” stage.

If you’re a business owner who sees thousands of customers poking and swiping at those mysterious little devices, but don’t actually own one yourself, then you may have a few preliminary questions. But, let’s face it – looking around, there are so many of them out there, how can you afford not to give them what they so obviously want?

Skipping to the “How” Stage

There are basically two ways to get your app built and to market: the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and the full-service approach.

As far as the level of complexity goes, you could compare both these approaches to cooking. When you need a good dinner, you can either create one in your very own kitchen, or go out to a restaurant. Now, I love restaurants, and I’m certainly no chef. But if you’re not completely lost in the kitchen and you want to keep complete control over what goes into your dinner, how it’s prepared, how it’s presented, and how much it ultimately costs you – there’s really only one way to go. And that way doesn’t involve leaving a tip at the end.

DIY Mobile App Builder

Luckily, there are numerous app creators out there that (sticking to our kitchen analogy) can do the lion’s share of your slicing, dicing, and peeling. An app builder like that offered by Conduit Mobile, for example, is more or less dummy-proof. Whatever your business type (and there are even specialized features for musicians, restaurants, bloggers, and more), you just plug in your website address or Facebook Page name (where your existing online content you want to share is located), and your app is created automatically. No technical skills required. It’s that fast, and that easy. It’s like the Magimix of app creators.
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Why Go with an App Creator?

The really nice thing about DIY app builders like Conduit Mobile is that they actually are a chef, too – or at least, a sous chef. Because, although you build it, they help you handle the overhead of getting your app submitted to the major app marketplaces (Apple App Store, Google Play, etc.). This is not a minor issue, as navigating your way through the requirements of these app stores is only slightly less complex than your average cheese soufflé.

Additionally, when you go with an app creator, you can get some very significant mobile app marketing assistance. Despite the fact that your business has the best product or service at the best prices, being heard over the noise in the market is always a challenge.

So, the why and what are clear. And the how seems a no-brainer (easy, fast and free versus, well, LESS fast and MUCH less free). All that remains is to sharpen your virtual knives, wipe down your cutting board, and cook up that mobile app!

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