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Go Mobile in 3 Super-Simple Steps

No Coding, No Fuss... No Kidding

Who needs a developer when you've got Conduit Mobile? We make it easy for anyone to create custom apps and mobile sites in just a couple of clicks, and submit apps to all the leading mobile marketplaces. (Heck, we'll even submit it for you.)

Step 1: Create

Getting Started

Build a stunning custom app for all major mobile devices in just a few clicks.
First, choose your app type and enter your Facebook Page name or website URL. Our app maker will automatically grab your existing online content and create your app for you in seconds. Now you can customize your app’s look and feel and use our App Simulator to see exactly how your app will appear and perform on each mobile device.

Adding & Editing App Content

Use our code-free app editor to add content to your app or change your existing content quickly and easily. Make your app even more engaging by adding a video page, audio content like playlists, and a variety of other additional pages. You can change a page name or icon, add a custom icon or background image, change a page layout or page order, and remove pages, all with just a few clicks.

Customizing Your App’s Style

Customize the look and feel of your app and define how it will be presented to users on the various marketplaces. Customize your app’s header with text or an image, add a custom background image to any page, select a navigation layout, and tweak your app’s color scheme to match your style or brand. You can also add or change the icon users click on to open your app and the splash screen that will be displayed while your app is loading. Last, add an app description, monetize your app by adding ads, and see how it all comes together beautifully in real time via our App Simulator.

Step 2: Manage

Previewing & Testing Your App

Preview and test drive your finished masterpiece using our free Rev.u app or browser-based App Simulator, which reflect any changes you make to your app instantly. Download, install, and use our Rev.u app to see how your app looks and handles on any platform, including iPhone, Android, HTML5, and iPad. Then, experience your app and all its glorious content in real time, exactly like your mobile users will.

Step 3: Publish & Promote

Publishing Your App for iPhone

Guiding you through each step of the Apple App Store submission process. First, use your dashboard to access our App Publishing Wizard. Then, open an Apple developer account. Next, get an Apple Distribution Certificate and create and configure your App ID (necessary to install your app on an iOS-based device). Finally, create an Apple App Store build of your app and submit the finished product to the marketplace.

Promoting Your App

Actively promote your published app via our wide array of promotional tools to reach an unlimited number of users, increase app downloads, and enhance engagement. Start with your landing page, where users can read your promotional text, download your app directly from any of the stores, and get a preview of your app content. You can also email your users a link to your app’s home page, and publish the page URL on social networking sites. Finally, promote your app by tweeting about it directly from your dashboard, use “optional site redirect,” and generate and publish a unique QR code for your app.

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